Nothing Important, LOL.

moving burnout

Last night was a tough night. My arthritic joints in my arms were throbbing after all the lifting and carrying for the tag sale, and then to put it all away. And then pack stuff for a couple of hours. I remembered that my son had bought me a topical cream, a natural kind of “Icy Hot” or “Ben Gay” for arthritis where he works (The Vitamin Shoppe), and in the middle of the night I applied some to my elbow and forearm and within minutes I had relief. I had tried to put a lidocaine patch on but couldn’t find my scissors to open the pack, and damn, you cannot rip it open using your teeth, lol. Undoubtedly the scissors are somewhere in another bedroom where I was using them to cut tape or something for packing. But the cream actually worked better. I finally got about 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Some friends wanted me to go to breakfast with them this morning. I begged off. I’m going out tonight with my book club gals, and just did not feel like getting up, showering, getting dressed early today, and I have so much to do anyway. I was out on the deck writing at about 6:30 but had to come in an hour later, it was just too hot, even for me.

So, I think I will get dressed, not early, lol, but at some point and go get more bubble wrap so I can wrap up more knick-knacks, and pictures and stuff. I need a couple more “TV” boxes, that will fit my artwork. My house is covered with my sisters paintings, and a couple other ones that were done by a local artist, of places that I love here. New London Harbor, where my boat was docked for so many years, and Menemsha Pond at Martha’s Vineyard. And one Georgia O’Keeffe print I bought at a tag sale for $2. And had it framed for my bedroom for $200. Crazy. But I love it. It’s one of her Lake George prints. I do love her work.

So, the moving thing continues to move along. I’m feeling a little anxiety about it all, not because I’m questioning what I’m doing, but there’s so much to organize, I’m afraid I will forget something. I booked my plane fare back from Denver last night, it was only $170. Seems cheap, to fly 2000 miles, lol.

I feel like money is flying out of my wallet at the moment. Between this drive to Denver, and the movers, etc etc etc. Even when I get to FL, I have to buy a washer and dryer, a storage shed, and replace some windows in my house. Then I will stop spending and go on austerity.

Oh well, I never thought it would be easy. Just that it would be worth it in the end.

Love and light all. Stay cool.

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