Please Join In: Poets for Peace

I was asked by Anita Lubesh, a wondeful poet and a good friend, (she made me learn to count, lol) to contribute to a wonderful collaborative of poets, called Poets for Peace. It is a response to the escalating world violence, doing what we do, as writers and poets.  I am honored to have been asked, but I don’t think you have to be asked.  If you have a poem to share, please share it as a comment on this site:

The complete set of guidelines is available there.  They are taking contributions during the month of August.  There are some really wonderful poets contributing.

It seems this is a consciousness-raising effort, for all the world.  Right now, they are trying to decide what to do with “The Poem Heard Round the World.”

My contribution is a poem I wrote a couple of months ago, in response to another cowardly and horrific terrorist attack.

7.9 Billion Safe Corners

What can end the hate?
More hate? More anger?
More power?
Taking power away?

When do we realize we are all one thing?
Cogs in the wheel,
All necessary for us to move forward together.

When do we acknowledge our fears,
And choose the path of love
To resolve them,
Instead of the path of hate and violence?

What can you do, today?
Can you extend a smile
Where you might have passed by without looking?
Can you offer bread to those who are hungry
Without asking who deserves to eat?

Can you love your fellow man
Without asking if he deserves it?
Can you give him a reason to live
instead of die?

Can we all take care of our own
small corners of the world,
And make them safe?

Imagine if there were 7.9 billion safe corners in the world?
Can we work toward that?


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