Money With Wings

I swear, money is flying out of my hands. $500 car taxes, $275 for taxes on my slip, $300 for medicare, $300 to the town I live in in FL for water, garbage for 6 months. Not to mention the $5K I had to give the buyers, and the $2500 on the hot water heater. Plus electric bills, and gas bills…..I have to pay this, and get my son to Denver, and get myself moved. Yikes. Well, I’ll figure it out. I only planned to work 25 hours a week or so in Florida but may have to go for full time for awhile, and make back up all this expense. Someone told me I could Uber and make some decent money, probably true in season down there.

It will be nice there though, no taxes on my cars, tiny taxes on my house. No state income tax. People say the insurance on the cars is higher there, but there’s no state income tax on them, so in the end I’ll save money.

Money, I swear, it’s the bane of existence. Wish I could figure out how to live without it, lol.

I booked the movers last night. There went another $350 deposit on the move. (Shakes head…) I have to finish my throw away piles this week, and call someone to come take it all to the dump. I haven’t found anyone who wants my old washer and dryer, so I guess that will be hauled away by someone, and maybe my couch in the basement. Geezus.

Meanwhile, I packed up some of my artwork last night, but it’s hard to do too much at night after working 9 hours. And work has been hectic, and the people I’m training are kind of going into panic mode, realizing I’ll be gone soon. Especially, the one I’m training for my job. She seems to be hesitant to go to my boss and ask questions, fearing looking stupid or something. I ask him all the time, and it’s why we have a good relationship, because I find out how he wants things handled, and do them correctly. So I hope I can help her over that hurdle of asking him. It helps that I have run my own company. I don’t have any ego tied into my job, I just want to do it the way he wants it done.  I used to get so pissed at employees who wouldn’t ask and then screwed things up.  Or left them undone for the not knowing how to do them.

So here I am just muddling through this stuff, again. It will be nice when I’m on my way, and all this stuff is done. Just need to remember to breathe. Just breathe.

Love and light.

3 responses to “Money With Wings

  1. I am going through the EXACT same thing at this EXACT moment.. running the day to day operations for 4 companies also being the only one to bring money in to pay these employees even though I am an unpaid (1099) employee. So when I go home, I am stressing about stressing over procrastinating, and procrastinating because I am stressing. I leave in 9 days, I have 8 boxes, all empty. No idea where to find the time or energy to do this.. to move 7 hours and 3 states away. Kudos on figuring this out.. because, I have yet to. (I also commented a minute ago and it didn’t show, so if I posted twice I apologize). Good luck in your endevours.

    • Nice to have company in the chaos! LOL> I’m not sure I’ve figured it out, lol. But I am yes, totally stressed over it. Mostly about driving my son from New England and then leaving him there. OMG, I can’t even talk about it. The drive to FL will be a breeze after that. Good luck, and keep in touch, we need to compare notes, lol.

      • Going from PA to VA Beach with my “beginning to go down the wrong road” 14 year old. It’s a new start for him, for me, and for us. I wish you nothing but the best, and I know what it’s like to love a child from afar, regardless of the reason they are not physically under our wings. I have nothing but love for you and your situation. Be strong Momma ❤

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