Counting Blessings, A Poem


Feeling so blessed this morning.
I’ve had,
and focused way too much on,
So much heartache in my life.
But this morning,
all I feel is gratitude.

Everything that happens to us
Brings us to where we are.
LOOK where I am!

On the cusp of a dream,
Filled with good friends,
And family.
About to live close to the ocean,
In a place where I’ll never shovel snow again.

My son is strong, and smart
And creating his own good life.
I’m so proud of him.
So lucky to have such a close connection with him.
We will always have each other
Even if the miles separate us.

The lessons I’ve learned
Through the heartache and pain
Have brought me here
To a place I can be exceedingly happy
And be myself.

Everyone has been a teacher
I’m grateful for them all.
It’s been a hell of a journey
And the journey continues.

Blessed, just blessed.
Nothing else to say.

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