Fun Day

They had my retirement party at work today. It was nice, short, but recognition for 12 years there of dedicated work. They gave me the same mantle clock they gave my friend in January. But it’s a really nice clock, engraved. Very nautical looking.

The women I work with gave me a gift, and a gift card, which was so nice. And everyone signed a card. So many on the card said they enjoyed working with me, and would miss me. I felt like it was sincere. At the party I said, You know I like my job, I do. But it’s the people, all of you that I will miss. We are like family, we spend every day together. It’s really the people who keep you here for 12 years. Because you enjoy working with them.

Then shortly after I left work early, and went to Paint Nite at my friends, the friend who is driving to Florida with me. It was so much fun. Totally enjoyed it! We all ate, and had drinks, and then were taught how to paint a picture, which I was going to put on this page, but I can’t seem to get it to download tonight. That’s my rendition, lol. I’m satisfied with it. It’s not about having talent, it’s about being creative, and having fun. It was wonderful to hang out with my two bff’s, and have fun.

My son called me in the middle of painting. I answered the phone and said, “I can’t talk! I painting!” And he said, “I don’t care! I got a job!” He was offered a job with a major cell phone company in Denver, he starts Sept. 12. He’s so happy, so relieved, and I’m happy for him and relieved. He has a decent place to live, and a good job, and he’ll be fine. It will make it much easier to say goodbye when I leave Denver. So happy.

Don’t feel like going to work tomorrow, for sure. But I’ll go. One more week, and I’m done. Life seems to be moving forward, for both of us, in a good way. Not much to complain about tonight.

Love and light, all.

3 responses to “Fun Day

  1. Only one more week left – AWESOME! How come they held the retirement party for you so early? I suppose it’s going to feel strange to go back to work after already having been ‘sent off’ to retirement! 😉

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