A Little Farther Along

Someone down my street is shooting fireworks. The big, illegal kind. For at least a half hour now. I sat outside and watched for awhile. I had to watch through the trees, but it was still beautiful. It’s a beautiful summer night.

I’ve been busy packing today. My son and I bought him a luggage set today. I’m finding it easier to think about saying good bye to him, now that he has a job. It will still be hard, but the fear part of it is removed now. Now, it’s just about missing him, not about worrying over him.

Hard to believe in two weeks we will begin our trip. And that two weeks after that, I’ll be on my way to Florida.

My son and I are aiming to be at my bff’s from high school the 2nd night. She said she can put us up there, which will be nice so we won’t have to get a hotel room that night. Then another of my friends who lives in Daytona in Florida said she will try to come over when I get there and help me move in. How lucky am I? It will be fun to drive over to Daytona during the race week there too. She lives on the barrier beach. Bunch of beach bums, all of us, lol. She said they have fireworks there once a week. Sounds like fun.

Damn I feel so blessed.

And so tired. I am beat tonight. I almost forgot to call them tonight because I fell asleep on the couch, even with the fireworks. Crazy…. Off to bed.

Love and light, everyone. Sleep well.

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