A Little Sunday Morning Reflection

The crows are flying around my back yard. The wind is kicking up, like it’s maybe going to storm. Occasionally the sun pokes through a hole in the sky, and lights up the day. It’s a good morning to try to clear my head, put my thoughts in order.

My son and I and his two friends had ribs and corn on the deck last night. And now the bees are hanging around, though the table is clean. I can smell the lavender in my herb garden blowing in on the wind.

I will miss this place. So much has happened here, in this house. I’ve been happy here, as has my son.

I’ll be happy there. Happier, not to ever shovel snow again. Not to ever have the bugars freeze in my nose again. There will be hurricanes, and coastal storms to deal with. But they’re more rare, than a blizzard up here. And I’m on high ground. With a new roof.

So many things I’m looking forward to. Walking every day, riding a bike. Getting much more fit, because that’s just the way it is. Maybe having a “Feed the world” garden, and planting tropical flowers in my yard. My friend told me that there were flowers blooming in my yard last week when she was there. That thought made me happy.

I woke this morning with every joint in my body sore from all the packing yesterday. I’m thinking that wine is probably not an anti-inflammatory either, lol. But it was so good! I took a couple of arthritis pain pills, and put on some topical cream on my arms that my son got me where he works. Feeling much better now. I slept a solid 8 hours, which is amazing.

The big thing for this week is to get the car insurance thing squared away, get my son’s car in his name. I hope it’s not too big of a hassle. I also have to make some arrangements for the stuff I can’t even give away. Gotta get it hauled away, or see if Salvation Army or someone will come get it.

My last week of work. That is friggin’ amazing. My life has not been my own, ever in my adult life. I’m sure I’ll be working by the end of October doing something, but til then…It’s like a long vacation. A new life. Only those things I love allowed in.

I’m quite content at the moment.

Life moves on. I have had a little time to reflect this morning.

Love and light.

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