Doing a Little Manifesting

You know how I was out of chocolate last night?

My son came home as I was going to bed. I talked to him for a few minutes before I headed off for the night. I got up this morning and there was a chocolate bar by the coffee maker with a note. He’d gotten this new brand in at work and thought I might like it. I hadn’t told him I was out. He doesn’t read my blog, I don’t even think he knows the name of it.

He just thought I’d like it. He’s a good kid. And obviously, read me, lol. Guess he knows the way to my heart.

I remember introducing Scott to dark chocolate with crystallized ginger. He used to bring it to me, the first summer we were seeing each other. Not sure he meant to, but he found his way into my heart too, lol. Well, it was fun back then, regardless of how it ended.

My ex…… Nope. No chocolate from him, lol. I’m sure I never earned it.

My overwhelmed-ness seems to have alleviated tonight. I got rid of my washer and dryer to some guy that really needed it. I have a guy coming tomorrow night to look at the stuff I have to have hauled to the dump.

And I only have 2 more days of work. TWO MORE DAYS OF WORK. I am having a hard time giving a shit, lol. Which is totally unlike me, and I don’t show it. I try to show as much concern as ever. But boy, my heart is not in it.

I’m so glad I’m not one of those people who works for lack of anything else they want to do. I suppose, if you spend your days doing something you are passionate about, it’s different. But I don’t. I do something I’m good at, that’s interesting, and I like the people I work with. But there are so many things I’d rather be doing. And will be, soon.

I’m even starting to look forward to the drive to Denver. I might as well embrace it, right? Because I’m going to do it…..gonna try to make it fun, the trip of a lifetime for us. Then I’ll come home, see everyone I love here, and finish packing up the house and take off for my new life.

I think I’m good, at least for the moment.

It’s crazy but it’s happening. Dreams are manifesting.

Love and light all.

5 responses to “Doing a Little Manifesting

  1. i know what you mean…. my life is changing too and it is hard to believe it is really happening! I have 15 days left and don’t give a crap about that job anymore!! Ijust can’t wait to get out of there! My child is moving out too so I will be alone for the first time in my life, so I know what you mean… all so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!! look out world, here we come!!! 🙂 love you. xoxo

    • I think you and I are going to spend a lot of time on the phone, lol. It’s amazing! Oh read the post I just put up after this, it’s a Liz Gilbert post on Truth and Kindness and I bet it strikes a cord with you like it did me. Damn. She’s amazing.

      • she is amazing! well said… but of course, I am the villain in this situation because I am choosing to tell the truth about him and he claims that is causing him problems… oh dear, to fucking bad, maybe he should stop the lies and abuse instead of telling me to stop telling the truth! but I am putting (or trying to) all that aside and starting this new chapter in my life with a free and open heart, looking only for the good things that will come my way… (with only the occasional aside to his lies) look forward to talking with you soon and sharing this amazing adventure!!! love you. M.

        • She IS so amazing. I was accused of playing God because I insisted that the truth be told, by him, not by me. I kept insisting, until it was all out on the table. All the while, he played God by lying to both of us, ripping our lives up, shattering us both.

          You know I’m doing what you are, putting it behind me (way behind me, lol 1500 miles behind me) but still, it creeps up sometimes and I wonder how these two men that we knew put their heads on the pillow at night and went to sleep. When I think how we loved them, beyond reason, or limit. They’re pathetic, empty souls.

          Our adventures are just beginning! It will be so much fun. And eventually, the actual short duration we were led astray by these men, will just be a teeny blemish on a wonderful life. xoxo.

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