My Last Day of Work

Today is the last day of my old life. Tonight my colleagues and co-workers and I will go out for drinks, after work, and with a few exceptions, I won’t talk to them again. It’s weird. Just….weird. People that have been part of my life every day for so long. Some of them I will miss a lot, some of them I won’t, lol. A few of them will probably stay in my life in some way.

But today, tonight, I say goodbye and move on. I can’t believe it’s here. I’ve been planning and dreaming for so long. A few years ago, I told one of my co-workers who is also a good friend, I didn’t see how I could retire because I could never pay a mortgage without working. He’s the one who informed me how much less expensive it was to live in Florida, how much less a home would cost, and taxes would be. He knew I had a lot of my money in my house here, and said, “you could sell that house and buy a home for half of what you recoup from your house, and invest the rest.” I remember looking at him, thinking, “I COULD do that! I really could do that!!!”

Now, here I am doing it.

It won’t hit me, I don’t think, that I don’t have to go to work every day until I am settled in Florida because I have so much to do here between now and then. And even then, I plan to find a part time job, 25 hours a week or so. But not maybe til the end of October. But maybe I’ll really get into making jewelry, maybe I’ll try to get something published, who knows. Maybe I’ll do reiki and make jewelry and that could be my income. We’ll see.

But I will be by the water. I will live like water. The warm waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico will become my second home. Who knows what the future holds?

Last day of work. WOW. It’s here.

And so one chapter of my life ends, and one begins. And I’m feeling blessed, very blessed that the universe saw fit to bring me to this point.

Love and light.

13 responses to “My Last Day of Work

  1. Congrats. When something comes to an end. It means the beginning of something new. Best of luck inall of your endeavors.

    I am thinking about relocating to Florida in the next year or two. INterested in hearing how it goes for you. Good luck

  2. Best wishes in the leap! Me, I decided to stay in my adopted New England and focus more on the Other Things I’d been doing all along. Sounds like you’ll be doing something similar, discovering just how busy you can really be … something quite different from “retired.”

  3. I wanted to say congratulations my friend and bon chance for the future. I think you are very courageous and I wish you only good things in the future. Please do not disappear from here either. xo

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