What a Nice Day

Wow. What a last day. It was awesome.

I got so many gifts from people. So many hugs good-bye. I had customers calling to say good-bye. Even the Fedex delivery guy. One of the guys I have worked with forever, who I call the little brother I never had, actually cried when he gave me a bottle of Champagne. Our electronics engineer, who is 30 and I call him my other son (his birthday is the same day as my son’s) must have hugged me goodbye 10 times today. He told me I’m his other Mom, his work mom.

My boss gave me my “exit interview”, lol. He was warm, and kind, and told me to stop in whenever I’m in the area and say hi. He was as personable as he can be.

We all went out for a drink after work. I had asked our sales manager if he thought his wife would feel well enough to come. She has cancer, it recently was found to have spread from her lungs to her brain and she’s been undergoing radiation and chemo. He shook his head and said he didn’t think so. But this morning he told me she was going to stop by, and I almost lost it, really. I love her, she is just such a smart, sweet lady and going through this hell, and took time to come by and wish me well. My friend who retired in January came too. It was awesome, just so awesome.

One of the men, who has been there the whole 12 years, told me he has seen me make such a metamorphosis in the last year, and told me he hopes I meet some wonderful man who deserves me, that I look so good. He’s so happy for me. His wife was sitting with me when he said it, he wasn’t coming on to me.

It hasn’t sunk in yet that I won’t go back there.

I have everyone’s phone number and emails, so I’ll be sending a travelogue to a mass text on the way to Denver.

I put a post up on FB this morning saying it was my last day of work. I got so many comments wishing me luck. There was one from Addie, telling me to send lots of pictures. I haven’t talked to him in months, except a short text when I sold my house. It was nice to hear from him. He’s such a good sweet loving man. I wish I could have loved him. I’m glad he found someone who could.

So, it was a really memorable day. I really tried to just stay in the moment, not get too caught up in the goodbyes. I think I did ok.

It’s on now, to finish packing up this life. Officially retired. Amazing.

Love and light.

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