Getting Real

This is real. I just booked our hotel rooms for the trip to Denver. Yikes!!

I got all the junk picked up by the guy who makes dump runs today. Packed up most of the kitchen, but I ran out of bubble wrap, so had to make a run to Home Depot for another roll. I think I have just enough boxes to finish. I’m really about 90% done now. It’s crazy…

One of my oldest, closest friends here has invited me to dinner tonight. She’s the one whose daughter was born the same day as my son. We’ve been friends since they were 2 and we met in Story Hour at the library. 22 years. Wow.

I am detaching from the house now. It doesn’t feel so much like it’s mine, with all my stuff packed up. Which is good. I can be so attached to some things. And was, to the house. But it’s different when it’s divested of all the stuff that makes a house a home.

I was happy I was able to write some poetry this morning. Felt like I got my words back, and that was good. (Even if my counting on my haiku originally sucked, lol. Thank you Anita….)

Time to go, see my friends.

Love and light….

One response to “Getting Real

  1. YES! I recall telling you a couple of months ago that it would all fall into place and look at God, look at you. Yup. Excellence! Enjoy your evening 🙂

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