A Good First Day of Not Working

I did packing / get ready stuff all morning, into the afternoon I got a can of WD40 and fixed the door locks, first of all. I made a couple of boxes, I wrapped up some kitchen stuff in bubble wrap. I cleaned out the coat closet, and sorted into throw away, give to Salvation Army, and the light jackets are going with me. Did the same with winter boots, and all the scarves, gloves and hats. and my shoes in my bedroom. Threw away all the winter-type shoes. 🙂 Started a box for electronic stuff, and put all my old LP’s in it first of all. Did some laundry, and got my suitcases out so I can start sorting the clothes that will go in the carry-on to CO, and the rest, of which I will stuff as much as possible into my regular suitcase to carry in the car. And dealt with getting my son’s car on his own insurance.

Then, by 2 PM I was done. Just done. I called my cousin, who went to the family wedding this week, and she was about to go to Whole Foods. She waited for me, and I went with her. She told me my ex looks bad. Overweight, and has a ponytail. OMG, a ponytail. This was a guy who couldn’t stand for one hair to be out of place oh his head. Bought tons of Consort hairspray. I’m so glad my son didn’t see him like that. Geezus. And he’s telling everyone how he ran 5 miles that morning. OMG, and he thinks people believe him. Really.

Cousin could hardly talk to him. She felt bad, but she has so much of her own family drama. I said, “Don’t feel bad, he’s just work. He really is. He wants everyone to feel sorry for him, and blame me.” She told me my sister-in-law, not the mother of the bride but brother-in-law’s wife, had gained back at least 100 lbs of the weight she’d lost last time I saw her, 10 years ago. And couldn’t shut up about my ex’s “mental illness.” She’s a trip too, we never got along, and that’s mostly because the two brothers were brought up to hate each other. But she’s hyper possessive of her husband (my BIL) and does not like anyone to have a conversation with him that does not include her. Cousin said she was happy to talk to SIL alone but also wanted to catch up with BIL alone, but SIL wouldn’t have it.

What a bunch of childish bullshit. Geezus. I forgot how dysfunctional that family is. I’m used to my family, where everyone loves everyone, and we all sit around the table and make each other laugh. And tell each other we love each other on a regular basis. I can’t imagine an unkind word when we are all together.

Can you say, “Glad. I. Didn’t. Go.”????? Yikes. Talk about major ridiculous dysfunction.

So now I’m home from Whole Foods, with a big tray of their store made Chicken Parm to eat this week. And a Whoopie Pie cake, gluten free, from a gluten free bakery on the way home. It was a fun outing. Nice to get out of the house. Settling in with a glass of wine.

I realized I was getting antsy because I am so used to being with people all day long. And at work, I longed for my own space, crisis free. Today I was happy to get out, be with people for awhile, and then come back here and settle in for the night. Deciding now on a 2nd glass of wine.

I think I’m going to google the town I live in and see how close a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s is to it. Maybe a Sam’s Club too.

Feeling pretty good tonight. I’ve been telling everyone, “Until we meet again”, not “Goodbye”. It seems to work. I don’t feel so much like I’m losing people. The friend who made me lobsters last night told her daughter I’m going to stay with her for a week next summer.

I’m not losing anything. But gaining so much. It’s all good. It will all be fine. Life is good.

Love and light, all.

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