Life is Good Tonight

My son’s last day was today. For the first time, he came home and sounds pretty excited about the move. It makes it SOOO much easier for me, if he actually wants to do this, not HAS to do it. He’s got plans for every day after I leave, I think. The day I leave, he and his friend are going to go tailgate at a Bronco’s game. The next day he has a concert, and might connect with a friend from here who now lives there. The next day they’re going to a Rockies MLB game. I am so excited for him. It just makes me so happy to know he’s figuring out how to make this work for him.

Life is good tonight.

I went to see my friend Linda. We talked and talked, and at the end of the convo, she was talking about keeping her beach place in RI, selling her huge beautiful home, and buying a place near me in FL. She said, “Then we could bring the gongs.” OMG. I started crying. I told her if she was living near me with the gongs, I would be in fucking heaven.

The gong baths have gotten me through so much, just so much.  From my contentious divorce, fighting for my son, the Supreme Court, and of course, the break up with Scott that I thought would kill me.  They have played a HUGE role in my healing.

All of this wouldn’t be a for a couple of years. I told her by then I’d have a following awaiting her arrival with the gongs. Even Scott used to say to me, the day after I’d been to a gong bath, “You need a gong bath every day.” Because they so centered and grounded me. Very excited about that prospect.

I got considerably more of the kitchen packed up today. Then I sat on the couch and fell asleep, so went up to my bedroom and actually took a nap. I feel like years of being overtired are manifesting now that I can relax, and actually sleep when I’m tired. It’s amazing, really.

I told my son about his father having a pony tail tonight. He gasped, and looked at me with eyes like saucers, and said, “oh I’m SO glad we didn’t go. That would not have been good.”

I’m starting to look forward to our drive. It will be good time for us. I told him tonight that it was cool that our last a bit thing will be this long cross-country drive together. He agreed. Damn, I love that kid.

I’ve given up on not having a glass of wine in the evening when I’m done with all my stuff for the day. I feel like I need the express lane to unwinding with all the stuff that I have to accomplish every day. It’s crazy. The idea of sitting in the car and doing nothing is not so unappealing at the moment, lol.

Life moves on. Gratefully.

Love and light.

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