Today It Begins

Today’s the day. In a few hours we will be on our way to a new life for my son. I think he’s ready, I think I’m ready. I’m trusting in the universe to guide us both in our life journeys.

This morning I am making a “don’t forget” list, lol. Don’t forget your meds. Don’t forget to lock the door. Don’t forget the bottles of water in the fridge. Don’t forget to throw out the flowers in the vase that are already dead, lol. Don’t forget the directions you printed out. My son asks me why I need to print them out. Because we both have GPS on our phones and he’s so accustomed to listening to GPS….. I said, because I’m old, lol. He laughs. I said, “Remember when we would go on hockey trips? I’d have a whole folder of maps and written directions.” He remembered.

I think I want to lay down some ground rules. Really only one that I can think of at the moment, and that is that if we get lost, which I don’t expect to happen, we won’t get all upset over it. When we used to go on hockey trips, in the days before GPS, his father used to flip the f**k out and we’d all be under so much pressure. It kind of became learned behavior when a turn turned out to be the wrong one, to get all upset.

Other than that, old triggers, I don’t think there will be a problem.

One more “don’t forget”. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the trip. I’m so glad we get to stop at my friends house tomorrow night. It will be so good to see her, and have a warm friendly environment after 2 days on the road. Whodda thunk we’d still be such good friends after 50+ years. Dang, I’m lucky.

I keep trying to write a poem, but the clarity of thought I need is not there. Too many mixed emotions. So for now, it will be these updates, as I write them out to wrap my head around them.

I guess it’s time to get moving, get dressed, take care of my “don’t forget” list.

Love and light, everyone.

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