Day One Check-In

We are safely in our hotel room in far Western PA, on the Ohio border. The day went very well. It was hard for my son leaving town. Really hard. But by the time we got to NY he seemed better, and began to realize he really isn’t losing anyone, not with phones and social media. Not to mention I think all his friends are making plans to come see him. We really enjoyed the drive.

I always think of PA as a very populated state, because, I suppose, I lived on the east coast, and when you think of it you think of Philly, it’s from that perspective. But I-80, which bisects the country from NJ to CA, I think, has miles and miles of road through absolutely unpopulated beautiful mountains. Like 10 miles between exits. We were laughing because we are from such a small state, the exit numbers never go about 80. We got on I-80 in PA and the exit numbers were more than 240, lol. Big state!

We found out we needed to stop every 100 miles or so to take a break and to check the bike rack to make sure it was still tight. I also found out that my son is a really really good driver. Doesn’t speed, sets the cruise control for the limit and lets it go, and he’s so courteous to other drivers.

Tomorrow night we’ll be in Iowa, at my childhood bff’s house. That will be lovely. Hoping we don’t hit a lot of traffic around Cleveland and Chicago. We hit none today. It was great.

Onward. It was a good first day. Love and light, all.

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