330 Miles to Go

End of Day 3. We are at a hotel, waiting for Chinese food to be delivered. Son had a slight melt-down today. He is SICK of driving. Sick to death of it. He’s driven the whole way so far. Over 1500 miles in 3 days.

He’s ok when the scenery and road are at least interesting. But the last half of today, we are in western Nebraska, and I’m not putting it down, but it’s FLAT. And straight road, and all you see is farm after farm. He’s used to New England, where a road is not straight for more than a couple miles, and it’s very hilly, heavily forested but densely populated so there’s always something to see, exits are never far apart. Sometimes out here in the midwest, you feel like you will never see another town. Not that it’s not beautiful. But it’s the same for miles. I fell asleep, lol. He got sick of driving.

Plus it downpoured for awhile today, that did not make him happy.

However, I have to say the people here are so frigging friendly. I mean seriously. We stopped at a rest area in somewhere, lol, yesterday, Indiana I think. I ordered and was waiting for my food. I had gotten a cup to get water, and was filling it and the only woman behind the counter brought my food over to me. She was so frigging pleasant.

We went into a gas station in Nebraska to use the bathrooms after we filled the car. We walked in and the kid behind the counter said, “Hi! How are you all doin’ today? Are you looking for the restrooms? They’re right there.” and pointed to them. Then when we left the building another employee was on break outside the door and said, “You all have a nice day!”

THAT doesn’t happen in New England, lol.

So, we have settled in for the night. We were really happy we could get something delivered besides pizza.

Tomorrow we should make my son’s new place by noon. Looking forward to the end of this journey and the beginning of a new one for him. His friends are all coming over to help him unpack. It should be fun.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Rocky Mountains. I haven’t seen them since I was about 12 or so. Looking forward to meeting his landlord, and seeing where he’ll be living, and what the town is like. Son just found out that one of his friends from high school will live 4 blocks away from him. I think he’s feeling better about the whole thing. He’s now got a small posse of friends out there.

Time to take a shower and relax.

Love and light.

9 responses to “330 Miles to Go

  1. Fantastic, I keep thinking of films I seen about people driving across the states, and motels, and oddball characters, and rain, and have a nice day! I hope you take some photos! Hope everything turns out nice 🙂

    • M, it’s not as stressful as I thought it might be. The days get long with driving, and he’s doing all the driving, so is really ready for it to be over. Tomorrow we will be in CO, the scenery should be amazing. I think we are both excited to get there. But it’s amazing to drive across this country, really.

      • Glad you are doing well!! The trip sounds wonderful, I’ve always wanted to travel cross country, maybe some day. I bet CO is amazingly beautiful!! have a safe trip, talk to you when you get back! xox M.

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