Random Thoughts

1.On the way out here to Denver, in the long empty stretches of I-80 in Nebraska, we passed a sign that said “Rest Area 1 miles”. Or some distance, anyway. Then immediately following was another sign that said, “Modern Rest Area 2 miles”. This provided endless hysterical banter between my son and I.

“Let’s hold out for the modern rest area.”

“What does that mean? You have to pay in hay bales?”

“Does it mean outhouses, complete with moons?”

“Only hitching posts?”

In the end, it meant, it was a rest area for REST. ONLY. It was a lane you could pull off the road so you could sleep. That was it. No facilities whatsoever.

2. There is no place to sit outside here, at this house. I need to be outside, to feel the fresh air, to see the mountains, for some inspiration. My creativity seems stunted, because I haven’t been able to capture something that teased my imagination.

3. I am ready to be home again, though not ready to leave my son here. But I won’t ever be ready for that. I’m trying, really, not to think about it, because it will only ruin the good time we could have today. So, I just have to push through it, and get to the other side of it.

4. I am ready to be in my new house, in the sun, and start creating my new life. This transition is so long, it’s hard. I’m ready for it to be over. Another 2 weeks to go.

5. I’m hopeful that we might do a little sight-seeing today. I told son that I’d like to see something of the mountains before I have to leave, not just the mountains in the distance. Thinking of trying to go to Red Rocks, where the amphitheater is. It looks beautiful, and is only about 15 min from here.

Working my way through it, trying to enjoy the moment.

Love and light.

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