WaitingFor My Flight

It went ok. As the universe is apt to do, the GPS got us lost, so we were quite distracted. Though I insisted on leaving early so got to the airport in plenty of time.  Still, I’ll never forget that hug goodbye. 

The lines for security were ridiculous but thankfully I had TSA pre, so got through it in minutes.  Got a bite to eat, took the train to the gate and now have a few minutes to reflect. 

I feel like I have just had my rocket boosters ignite, and am flying to the next part of this transition.  

I heard from my realtor who forgot that we changed the date from tomorrow to next Friday.  She was slightly panicked, lol.  

So all is well. My son is safely in his new home, finding his way. And I’ll be heading toward mine shortly.  

Love and light. 

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