Back Home, and All Is Well

I’m back home in CT. Hot and muggy here, as usual. It’s nice to be home. I am fine, feeling ok about my son. We’ve already texted a few times today. He somehow got to go to ESPN’s party for the season home opener of the Broncos this afternoon. He’s having a ball. He will be fine. I’ll miss him, I do miss him. But I honestly feel good about the whole thing. It surprises me, really. But, I’m glad.

Right now, I feel ok with the whole thing. He’s a good kid, he prepared well, I will miss him but like right now we’re texting he’s telling me all about the day. He told the landlady I’m his best friend. 🙂 But he’s mine too. I’m happy about that.

Tomorrow begins the real finish work of the Florida move. A friend offered to come over Sunday and help me. So many things to do, stop the cable, the power, the water. Make sure the atty has everything she needs for the closing. Finish packing. Clean the car out.

Here I go making lists again. One week from today I’ll be at my sisters with my friend. On my way to living my dream out. Can’t believe it.

Love and light, everyone.

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