In Comes Peace

From one of my sweetest fiends and favorite poets, trE, A Cornered Gurl. This just speaks to my heat, as she is often prone to do.

a cornered gurl

balancedCourtesy of Afina79/DeviantArt.

in comes peace,
it is speckled in consciousness,
draped in syrupy pain from past lives
and honored symbols of devotees yearning
to band together and win a battle
no one has won before.

it takes shape.
it builds up dilapidated buildings
and offers a blue sky in a gray world.
covered in sorted thoughts,
we watch it moon up and beam into
thousands of galaxies.

all this while she stands, balanced in form.
a peace that cannot be ignored–
we watch. she maneuvers in between clouds
of quotes and anecdotes, that offer no reward.
watch her body lean into the grooves of death,
providing serenity.

in comes peace,
one that will succeed in conquering
devilish souls that bear tattoos of their
old lovers’ names, etched into
flaky skin, begging to be remembered
during the waking hours.

©Tremaine L. Loadholt  10September16

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3 responses to “In Comes Peace

  1. Deb, thank you very much! I struggled writing this one. It would not come to me the way I wanted to. Only the last two stanzas dripped outta me with no wait. I appreciate your kind words. I truly do.

    • It is just eloquent. Sometimes we feel the emotions and struggle to match the words. I had that with the haiku I published this morning thing. I wrote the first few and struggled and left it. When I came back to it I still struggled. Your piece here belies the painstaking process you spent making it into perfection. Just love this one. One if my favorites.

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