Watching The Movers

The movers are here. I’m watching my life go out the door into a truck.  My dresser just came down the stairs all wrapped in blankets and plastic. 

It’s weird. But I oddly feel better, forward motion, than I did this morning waiting. I don’t wait well. I grow impatient easily. 

This move seems like it’s been going on forever. Like it started months ago and now is happening. I will miss this place and people so much. But I’m on the last leg now.  Or almost anyway. Over half way.  

Just an update. Passing time while my life passed in front of my face. 

Love and light. 

8 responses to “Watching The Movers

  1. In January I started thinking, What if I lived somewhere else? In February I listed my house. I received and accepted an offer within 5 days–but the whole damn process took until late April to complete! I don’t wait well, either.
    Good luck on completing the journey!

  2. You will be so blessed once this new chapter comes in though. It gets tough to move out of place with so many memories, but it’s a new opportunity. Don’t shy away. Much love 🙂

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