Weird. Just Weird. 

It’s so weird. To look at your house where you lived, and laughed, and loved, and played, and see it completely empty.  Like the day you moved in. 

So busy today, I’ve had no time to reflect, and probably won’t really, until we’re on the road before dawn tomorrow.  Right now I’m running to my BFF’s and then to my other BFF, who is going with me. Then back to my house for the cooler and snacks I bought for us for the road. Then back to her house for the night.  It’s crazy. 

I got to my friends last night and said, Don’t EVER move. Ever!”  They laughed…  I was so beat by then. I probably looked like a homeless person. Which in fact I feel kind of like. Lol. 

I signed all the closing docs today. Found out I’m getting a nice rebate on the property taxes, YAY!!!  That will help me. I’m getting anxious to be underway.  I have some emotional stuff to deal with and I know I have to actually deal with it.  But then, it’s on to a new adventure.  

Still feeling blessed.  Very blessed. 

More later. Love and light all. 

4 responses to “Weird. Just Weird. 

  1. The dream is nearly here. What a wonderful thing this is. I can understand you feeling a sense of loss as well. That is expected. Peace be with you on your journey, Deb.

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