Check In From the Road

I drank a couple glasses of wine last night, just 2. But it distrupted my sleep and I’m exhausted this morning. Thank God Susan, my friend, likes to drive, because I may need to sleep on the road. It’s early morning now, and I would pay money to be able to sleep another hour, but sleep is going to evade me for awhile I think.

It’s so good to be at my sisters. Just to feel wrapped in her care. I have to write a check to her today for the loan for my house. ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy to do that, she and her husband are such blessings in my life.

We had a blast on the drive yesterday. We are such good old friends. Our first leg was on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, which is known for horrible traffic. It’s an alternative route to I-95, but not much better We meant to miss it, and leave very early, but we didn’t get off until about 6 am. So we hit the rush hour toward NYC. We moved about 10 miles in an hour, if that much. I kept apologizing to Susan, because she was driving.

So, the GPS comes on and says, in it’s sweet, kind voice, after an hour of stop and go and mostly stop, โ€œTraffic is getting worse, but you are still on the fastest route.โ€ We both went hysterical, like โ€œok, bitches, there’s no way out of this but it’s still the fastest route.โ€ Like GPS thought it would wait an hour to tell us this. WTF. We were wondering if we’d be stuck there all morning, and really kind of bummed out. But then a minute later there was no traffic. Thanks GPS.

Later in the day, we thought we smelled something nasty. Susan was obsessed apparently with identifying the smell, and rolled down the window. And filled the car with the smell of cow manure. LMAO. I was like Good job, Susan, I guess you identified it.

We listened to an audible book for awhile, and music. But mostly we talked, we just never run out of things to talk about. So we got to my sisters before we knew it.

Today we are going to try to get to Jacksonville. Not sure if we’ll get quite that far, it’s about 600 miles I think. But if we can get that far, we’ll get to my house in Fl by late morning on Saturday. I am so psyched to get there. And have most of this journey finished.

It’s been a long road, from last March when I bought this house, to selling my house and packing it up, getting my son to Denver, and finishing the house and now driving another 1500 miles. I’m ready for it to be over. So tired or not, I’m pushing onward today.

I won’t have internet when I’m down there for awhile, so I’ll have to be posting from my phone, which means, they will probably be short posts, lol. But eventually, I’ll get back up to speed. Can’t wait to be sitting on a warm tropical beach listening to the waves. Two more days.

Love and light.

7 responses to “Check In From the Road

    • That must have been fun. On hockey trips, we usually had to listen to my ex pontificate on how great he was at 18 and hos my son sucked. Most of those trips are not good memories for either one of us, sadly. But the CO trip, and this one, are awesome. We’ll be going through your state sometime today!

      • Loser wouldn’t allow talking or singing or music on the radio. It distracted him…asshole.
        Y’all going down 95? If you stop anywhere, you can make fun of all of us’ns accent!
        You know, saving lives in Jacksonville.

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