Tonight. Well, tonight we went to my favorite restaurant called The Beach House and sat at a table in the sand, watching the sun set over the Gulf. It’s was spectacular. 

A slight sea breeze, a pod of dolphin playing offshore, an incredible sky, great food and awesome margaritas.  So relaxed and happy.  I miss my peeps back home and I know I will miss them more tomorrow when my friend leaves to had up north. But I’ll be fine. I have a lot to do this week. 

I met my neighbors this morning and they seem really nice. When I got here there was a note on my door from someone who said they loved my house and wanted to buy it. Would I contact them and left his phone number.  That’s a good sign I think. 

I’ve met a few people already through my friend who lives here. She knows so many people, and never fails to introduce me. I feel like shortly I’ll know a lot of people and who knows what may happen!  

It’s time for bed, end of another busy day. I’m sorry I’m so behind in blogs, I need to get internet set up this week, it’s too cumbersome to use the phone.  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be all set.  If not I’ll head for the library or a wifi hotspot. 

Love and light..

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