Getting Internet Today!

Yesterday I called one of the two internet providers for my area, Frontier, to get prices.  The girl kept me on the phone an hour trying to sell me internet, direct tv, gone security, a cell phone….Geezus. And they wouldn’t be able to install for over a week.  By the time I got off I had no time to call the other provider. 

This morning I called the other one called Bright House. In 5 minutes I had a deal for much higher speed internet and some minimal cable tv channels for less than half what I was paying Comcast in CT. 

And they are coming this afternoon!!  Whoo Hoo!  I’ll have internet by tonight. Now, I won’t have my TV til tomorrow but  when it comes I can hook it right up!!  And I’ll be able to write blogs in my computer again. 

Quite the happy camper.  

So, now I’m at my house waiting for their technician. I think my girlfriend is coming over. My stuff is coming between 1 and 3 tomorrow. I may stay here, in my house, tomorrow night!!  Wow…. Hard to believe!!  

Law of attraction at work for me. Feel like I’m getting pretty good at this manifesting thing, lol. 

It’s about 90 here today. Probably gonna rain somewhere, lol.  This morning when I walked over to the beach it sprinkled for about 5 minutes, and all I could think was, “oh man!  That feels so good!”  And idly wondered if it might downpour and soak me momentarily. I decided that would be ok too!  

Life is wonderful. Love and light everyone. 

4 responses to “Getting Internet Today!

  1. welcome to the jungle-ha, the tropics…i love the afternoon rains šŸ™‚ and just think, tomorrow fall and nothing will change šŸ™‚ peace and love and welcome to Florida ā¤

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