I started changing into my nightgown. Which wasn’t too much of an effort, it was in the small carry-on bag. As soon as I got undressed, I heard a huge clap of thunder. It does this all the time here. I would have to say usually, you don’t get the rain that accompanies it, but sometimes you do. Sometimes for like 5 minutes. It poured twice while they unloaded my stuff today.

So, there I am, standing in my bedroom naked, for the first time, it’s thundering, and I remember that they just set my lawn mower in the backyard. I am suddenly thinking it’s probably not a good idea if it gets soaked. I mean, the motor is on top….I don’t know, just doesn’t seem like a good idea. So I put back on my sweaty clothes, minus the flip flops because I’m so tired I don’t think that maybe I don’t want to walk around on the bare ground, or even the pavers. But the mower is on the ground, which in my backyard is not grass, because it’s extremely shaded by a huge I don’t know what kind of tree, and a palm tree. πŸ™‚

I go into the kitchen, as it continues to thunder, and get two plastic garbage bags, because what the hell else can I use? I just moved in. I don’t have a tarp, I don’t have anything waterproof to cover it with. And I go out side, and gratefully, it is not raining here. In fact, the sun is shining. I cover the handle part with one bag and the motor with the other bag. But to do that I had to step with my bare feet, which I didn’t think about being bare until I did it, on the ground, on what looked like an ant hill. I just prayed it wasn’t a red ant hill, because there are lots of those around here, and they friggin’ hurt when they bite. Or so I’ve been told. It hasn’t happened to me yet, and I’m hoping to delay that as long as I can.

Mission accomplished. I come back in, undress again, find my nightgown, go into the kitchen to get a piece of key lime pie, which I bought the other day to kind of celebrate that I am here. I am eating it in slivers, it will probably go bad before I get half way through it, but it’s so good. I cut it, put it on a plate and realize I have no forks that I can find yet. Even my mother’s silver, I put in a cabinet which is blocked by about 3 100 lb boxes, so it is not available until I unpack.

I eat the pie with my fingers.

It tasted good. (I did wash my hands first.),

Then I poured a glass of wine. Large glass, half full. And found some chocolate I bought in CT before I started this trek. So that was my dessert after a piece, one piece, of pizza.

I am feeling unbelievably kind of free. Like I can drink wine, because I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow, and I have no time-table for the moving-in to be done.

Although, I think I should go get something to cover the lawn mower until I get a shed for it. And maybe a bike lock for it, to lock it to my deck rails.

And maybe keep an old pair of flip-flops by the back door.

Smiling, as I stay up late and be happy.

Love and light, all.

14 responses to “Thundering

    • Oh S, you should come visit. Nothing like balmy sea breezes to soothe the soul. There’s this enormous beautiful bridge called the Skyway Bridge that goes across Tampa Bay and you can see far into the ocean and all the surrounding land from the top of it. I have to go over it to get to my sisters, and every time I do, I just pinch myself, that I live here. It’s exactly where I need to be. xo

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