Took a Day Off

I took a day off today from unpacking. Maybe I should not have because tonight I wish I’d gotten something done. But there were some big tag sales, and then it was free admission day at some of the great museums in the area.

There was nothing at the tag sales. I can’t buy anything, I have too much stuff to unpack. I told my friend, that “this whole place looks like my house.” It did.

Then we went to the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. It’s a lovely museum with Monets, Georgia O’keefes, a lot of antiquities. We only walked through half of it. I was on sensory overload after half. We went back to the car to find a $35 parking ticket. Apparently we were in a “loading zone” where the parking is limited. But the signage was quite confusing. We’d seen the sign and thought it refered to the area ahead of us which was a driveway. Not the carefully painted out parking place that we parked in. So much for a free day, lol.

We rode through the arts section of St. Pete to get there. It is pretty, somewhat upscale, and there are many galleries, one of which my friend is signed up with to show her paintings. The museum is right on the harbor, a beautiful park like setting. I was glad to go, and I drove. To learn my way around a little bit more.

My friend wanted me to swim with her in her complexes pool, but she goes for 2 hours. I would have gone for 10 or 15 minutes, but not two hours, despite the fact it was 94° on my cars thermometer. So I dropped her off and came home. Have had a glass of wine, some snacks, and will be making dinner shortly.

I’ve considered going to the pier to watch the sun set over St. Pete beach, but am opting out of it. Not tonight. I am needing to find some peace in my own space at the moment. There is a bit of reality setting in here, that even though this is where I want to be, this is how I want to live, I can’t go back. I can only go on in the direction I’ve set out for myself. Tonight, I am missing my old peeps though. Wishing my sister were down here. Missing parts of my old life.

There’s some adjustment, it’s not all easy. That’s all.

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