Sunday Morning Updates

Best nights sleep since I’ve been here. Fell asleep easily, slept through the night. I got about 7 hours of sleep. Feels so good. Especially after the nightmares of the previous night, which had me in a subdued mood all day yesterday.  I was a little homesick yesterday, but this morning feeling better about it.  Back to the bigger picture, and know my friends will be down here to see me.

Today I’m heading to Home Depot for garbage cans, and to price up some windows for my house. I have to replace about 5 of them. The rest of the day will be more unpacking. I think I can clear out my kitchen today. At least that’s the goal.

I think I’m going to Bill’s Clam Shack with my friend tonight. She’ll sing, I will buy one glass of wine, which is so remarkably cheap down here, compared to CT, because the taxes on alcohol are so much lower. That will be fun. I need to get out, and meet people, and my friend knows people everywhere we go.

I’ve never lived in an area that has major league sports teams, but Tampa, which is about 10 miles away had a lot of them. Today is the home opener for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and OMG, it’s all I hear about if I turn on the local news, lol. My son has the same experience with Denver, and the Broncos. Probably even more so there. Different experience.

I think I’ll get dressed and head down to the water again. I so love watching the sun come up, it starts my day in such a good place. It’s also nice to walk in the early morning. It’s not so hot, and I’ve lost a couple pounds since I’ve been here. If I could lose 8 or 10 more I’d be where I want to be.

Life is good. Love and light.

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