This Morning

Sunrise this morning was beyond beautiful. I took pictures, again, I have so many pictures of sunrise down here.

I meditated, but honestly, was afraid I would miss the picture being painted for me like a gift. This morning I only saw one person on the pier fishing. Everyone else was taking pictures. Some were serious about the pictures, you could tell, they were waiting and looking for the perfect moment. Some were like me, just trying to record the moment, and then staring silently into the glow, trying to absorb it.

Enough waxing poetic, lol. Here are the pics. Hope you enjoy them, and feel a little of the grandeur.


Arrival at the pier


As the sun rises


Thunderheads to the south, over St. Pete Beach.  There were bolts of lightning visible too.


This speaks for itself.


Finally, the sun peeks above the horizon.

Love and light everyone.  Have a wonderful day.

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