What If I Think I Can, But I Can’t?

I went out with my friend tonight to St. Pete Beach (the real high rent district) and watched her and about a dozen other people get up and sing karaoke tonight. We were seated at a piano bar, a bar in the shape of a piano. And where the keyboard is there was a guy named Ron, who ran all the karaoke equipment and also played the sax with some of the people who sang.

I did not sing. I do not sing, lol. But then again, some of the people who sang, do not sing, lol. I just thought wow, that is awesome that they have the guts to try it, to do it, even if they can’t carry a tune for the life of them. I thought, what if they think they can do it, but get up there and can’t? I would be afraid of that. Putting my name on the list of singers, and then when I got up there not being able to sing, or whispering, lol.

I’ve had that feeling once or twice in my life, thinking I could do something  and then found out at the 11th hour that I cannot.  There are things I know I can do, things I think I can do but when push comes to shove, find out I can’t, and things I can’t do, and know I can’t.  Singing in front of a bunch of people is definitely one of those things I can’t do.

It started thunderstorming while we were there. We were right by the water, and there was quite the electrical storm going on. It absolutely poured for about 15 minutes. But by the time we left at about 10, it was over, and seemed to have cooled down considerably. It was 98 in my car when I went to pick my friend up at 5. Crazy hot.

I’m home, and going to bed. It was fun, it was good to get out of the house. Better yet, we bought drinks during happy hour, so two drinks cost us each $5. Total. Crazy cheap.

Love and light, all.

2 responses to “What If I Think I Can, But I Can’t?

  1. When I have a few drinks in me I turn into Tina freakin’ Turner. Except if Tina Turner had strep and was going through a puberty change like Justin Bieber. I just like to dance and sing and make a fool of myself…maybe for other’s amusement but it is still fun LOL…and the liquid courage helps.

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