Life In Florida, So Far

This morning, after that beautiful sunrise, I came home and was kind of wanting to run out to Walmart, for some hand soap, and a few odds and ends. I was in the bathroom and looked down and saw a huge bunch of ants in one corner of the door frame. I looked closer and saw that there was a 1/2” hole where the tile met the threshold, that was not caulked. I watched the ants run up and down that hole. I had ant killer for outside, but nothing for inside the house. Needless to say, I was off pretty quickly to Walmart to pick up ant killer and a few other things. Tonight, no ants! Yay! Mission accomplished.

Which leads me to the issue of bugs in Florida. MAN. They have sum ginormous bugs. Locusts, real locusts. Big grasshopper things. You don’t think about stepping on one, they are so big. Eww. Squishy mess. Cockroaches, they are also ginormous. I have not seen one alive, thank God. But dang…..they are scary.

These are offset though by the cute little lizards that run around everywhere. You can’t leave your door open while you run out to your car, because they’ll run right in. Not that they do any damage. But they eat a lot of bugs outside. They are cute, like little geckos. Everyone

I think I’m down to one box left, that is not Christmas or jewelry making stuff. I unpacked pictures today, and boy did I miss my son. I can’t wait til he comes to see me in January. I have to decide where to put all the family pictures. In fact, I have to figure out where to put all my artwork. Mostly things my sister has painted, but some of them are large paintings. And the Georgia O’keefe Lake George print. It was over my bed in my old house, but can’t go there in this house. It’s a big print, so will require some thought.

It’s so nice to not be working. Just so nice. To not have to go to work every day. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t really started a new routine, but I certainly don’t have my old routine either. I’m trying to make the sunrise into part of my routine, it does me a lot of good to start the day that way. It’s really nice to need something at the store, and just go. And it’s even nicer that everywhere I need to go is within 5 miles of my house. Nice that drinks are so cheap at the bar too.

I talked to my “going-out partner” at home tonight. She moved the same week I did. She only moved to another town in CT, but she had tons more to move. Both her adult daughters live with her. But boy did we have some moving stories to compare. I know she’ll be down to see me this winter. I do miss my friends. That’s the hardest thing about moving.

I like it here, it’s the lifestyle I love. It’s a town of old hippies, very laid back. Artistic, creative, writers. Weather that allows flip-flops and shorts year round. I have 4 pairs of jeans for long pants. Hoping I don’t need them. I’m not crazy about 100° humid heat, but I love the balmy nights that come with them, when you can sit outside and sip on a glass of wine into the wee hours of the morning.

And of course, being so close to the ocean is my life long dream. I always felt the ocean was my second home. I’m far enough from it that I’m not in the flood plain, close enough to walk there if I wanted. Pretty nice. 🙂

Love and light, everyone.

3 responses to “Life In Florida, So Far

  1. 73 here this am, had coffee on the lanai. We use a bug killer that we spray every 3 months….can be used indoor but not if you have pets. Cost is 26$ a year and the spray bottle has to be bought but it was cheap. They want almost 600$ for a regular service, we get an occasional roach but they slip up through the drain so close the drains when not in use….you’re gonna love it here….do you have the red tide up there? Just beginning to move South. I’m happy to see you so happy. Welcome home sweetie😊💜

    • Yes, we have the red tide in Tampa Bay. Not off shore. But it was caused by the hurricane, they dumped Tampas sewage into the bay during the hurricane tides. I could actually see the tide line when I drove over the Skyway bridge. That was about a week ago though, so I am guessing it’s better now. Thanks for the heads up on the drains….and the spray. So far the bugs are the only negative I’ve found, and those are far outweighed by the benefits. I do kind of feel I was always meant to be here. 🙂

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