Turned Out to Be A Good Day

I put up a post on FB about the giant cockroaches palmetto bugs. I have had countless responses from my friends in the south telling me how to deal with them. Boric acid, traps, sprays, powders, keep the drains closed, leave the light on, keep shoes by the bed.

And also a lot of stories about screaming so loud people came running.

Hopefully I made some progress today about keeping them out. They look like something from Men in Black.

I am better tonight than I was in the middle of the day. Because of….people. My friend came over and helped me hang a few of my paintings, and then her friend who I’ve met before came over and we had a good old gab session. They are going out tonight to the VFW to sing. They wanted me to go, and I would have loved to go. What a good place to meet men! LOL. But I needed a shower, and I’m beat. I told them next time I’ll go, I’m just way too tired to go anywhere. I am sure I’ll sleep well tonight.

And I found what seems to be a good handyman to put up my mailbox, and fix my gutter, and my fence, and he’s gonna give me a price on the window replacement. That was a relief. He said I can have a mailbox by Friday. I hope he isn’t all talk. It’s been really hard to find a handyman like him.

So when I think about it, I am just trying to make sure I eat what’s good for me. Not feeling like eating junk. I have lost a few lbs since I got here, always a good thing. I wanted to be down 10 more lbs when I moved here. I’m hoping it’s happening now, since it didn’t before I moved.

I have noticed that I’m eating better here. I tend to forget about eating when I’m working on the house, so when I do eat I’m usually starved, and so try to eat healthy, balanced. I’ve lost a few lbs since I’ve been here. I had wanted to lose 10 lbs before I got here, maybe I’m gonna lose them now. Tomorrow I’m going to do laundry and hang out by my sister’s pool, and see if I can’t get a little bit of a tan so I look like I belong here.

So…Onward. Got a lot of stuff done today. It feels so good to have my stuff up on the walls. Feels more and more like home every day. Can’t wait til everything is in it’s place.

Love and light.

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