Don’t I Have This Lesson Down?

I got rear-ended yesterday.  I was about to cross an intersection and fire trucks and an ambulance came upnthe cross street, sirens blaring, lights flashing. All three lanes of traffic in my direction stopped. Everyone, except the girl driving the big Dodge pick-up behind me. She didn’t even consider slowing down and slammed into the back of my Nissan Sentra at about 40 or 45 mph. She sent me careening across the intersection as the Fire dept were making their turn.  They saw it, called it in and diverted one of the ambulances back to us. 

I’m ok, my neck and back are sore. I was with my friend who already has a bunch of back issues, she will feel it more than me. We’re both going to the dr this morning.  We’ve also contacted her atty. 

I’m pretty sure my car is totaled. The trunk is basically under the backseat. The bumper was on the road in front of the truck. 

So now I have to get a rental car, and put the house stuff on hold and buy a new car, as soon as I know what they’re going to give me for my car. Grateful the truck was insured. 

Sometimes it just sucks to be alone. Here I am, without a car, in a town where I know 3 people.  I’m grateful for those 3, they are good friends.  Our friend Art, dropped what he was doing and canevti pick us up and bring us home. 

To make it worse, we had severe t-storms last night and my internet has not been working right since. So I’ve not been able to get on WP or access my email on the computer. I’m writing this on my phone. 

Stressed out now. I was just de-stressed after all the moving, road trips. I miss my son today.  And my peeps back home. 

It will all work out, I’ll get through this as I always do. I’m going to pray that I am done with crap I have to work through. Feel like I’ve got that lesson down. 

Love and light 

9 responses to “Don’t I Have This Lesson Down?

  1. Oh NO!!! that really sucks and I am glad you weren’t injured worse! That is scary, could have been so much worse….. Good thing you are good at “working through” things… comes in handy but ENOUGH already!! love to you… this will pass and you may end up with some cash as you should totally sue the idiot who hit you, go for some emotional distress in the claim to, its the truth! Hope you are not going to be hit by that hurricane!!! get ready just in case…. It was great talking to you… hugs, M.

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