My friend who was in the car with me connected me to a doctor I really like. He offers different modalities. Today he did a thorough evaluation of my injuries, and then sent me to his therapy department for a wonderful massage.  I felt better after that, but of course now, hours later, my neck and lower back are pretty painful.

I also had an MRI today. I’d never had one before.  I can see why people might get claustrophobic.  The tube is tight, and it’s right above your head.  Since I meditate so regularly, I just closed my eyes and went somewhere else.  It took about 15 minutes to scan my neck, and about a half hour to do my lower back.  I think I fell asleep during the latter, despite the jackhammer noise the machine makes.  I got a CD of the scan, which I can look at.  Though, I’m not sure I’d have an idea what I’m looking at.

Then we went to the store, which is where we were heading yesterday when we got smashed.  I don’t understand why I cannot find a pound of fresh strawberries anywhere.  I love to put them in a salad with goat cheese, and in my cereal.  In CT, they were always available, year round.  I don’t get it.  It seems the stores here could import them from California too.  Maybe if I can get to Whole Foods.  When I get a car.

I didn’t get to even call the insurance co today, because we were in the medical facility all day.  I’ll call first thing tomorrow, and hopefully have wheels again tomorrow.  Then I can get back to getting some of the house things done, while I wait for a settlement on my car.

Love and light all.


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