Waiting for the Storm

I wait for the storm. We are only forecast to get tropical storm force winds, and only an inch or two of rain.

One of my high school friends lives on Daytona Beach. She’s safely in Iowa, visiting. But her son and his partner were still at home there, and left this afternoon. They had mandatory evacuation They have 2 dogs and my friends cat with them. I’m afraid they will not find a place to stay, I have told her to tell them to come here. I still don’t know if they’ve found a place to stay. Most places are sold out between here and there.

My friend Beth is trying to get the sheriff on Daytona Beach to go break down her 89 yr old uncle’s door, because he refuses to leave, but will probably surely die if he stays there. She doesn’t have internet access, so I got her the sheriff’s phone number. She’s pretty worried about him.

I am not too worried about loss of power. I have a gas stove, so don’t need it to cook. I have city water, and since we will not be getting a storm surge, I don’t expect there to be any problems with that. It will be hot without the air, but doable.

We were going to go to openI mic night as we usually do tonight. But it was canceled. It’s beginning to rain, now, a little. On and off. Bands of rain. I didn’t check to see if it was canceled until I was out of the shower and dressed to go out, lol.

All of my adult life, until 10 years ago, so 30 years or so, I had a boat, and had to run from the hurricanes, or tie it up with double lines and pray. I keep thinking how glad I am not to have to deal with that in this kind of mess.

Instead, I am sitting in my living room with a glass of wine, some olives, and other snacks, wondering what I should make for dinner. LOL.

I am concerned though for those in harms way. I have friends from high school who live on the east coast, and have had to evacuate. I am worried about my small town, and am very grateful we are on the less dangerous side of the storm, and probably 100 miles from the places that are looking at real devastation. To add insult to injury, they are now predicting it to go up the coast to SC, and then loop back around and make a 2nd landfall in South Fl. WTF. I’ve lived through a few hurricanes up in New England and know the devastation that’s possible.

All’s well, as of this moment. Love and light, all.

9 responses to “Waiting for the Storm

  1. I have been seeing the nows on Hurricane Matthew and my thoughts are with all those in its path. I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and pray the destruction does not take too many lives. Love and light, my dear

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