A Few Words on the Demise of Mr. Trump

I am actually so delighted that the real truth about Donald Trump has surfaced. Not that it hadn’t, but this new stuff is the quintessential Donald, and irrefutable. No one can deny, now, what an asshole he is, and how unfit he is to be president. Oh I suppose there are some people who will turn a blind eye, but the fact that his own party leaders want him to step down and have withdrawn their support of him, makes me believe that there isn’t a chance in hell he will be elected.

And that now his legacy will go where it should. That history will remember him as a mysogenist, narcissistic asshole, who almost bullied and schmoozed his way into the presidency. The universe caught it, and spit it back out. The annals of history will remember him as one of the worst human beings ever to seek power.

I remember thinking back in the beginning of his run, that it was a joke. And then realizing that he was actually running for president. And now, I think, yes my first impression was right. It was a joke, and now he’s exposed for the true asshole that he is.

Thank you universe. For spilling undeniable facts at just the right time. Thank you.

Going down to see the sunrise. Love and light all.

4 responses to “A Few Words on the Demise of Mr. Trump

  1. I knew under his fake exterior was a real jerk… If this doesn’t cook him, I don’t know what will? Can you imagine if a tape like this had surfaced on President Obama….!

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