Laundry Day

It was an absolutely perfect weather day today. Temps in the low 80’s, and not a cloud in the sky, that color they call “Bahama Blue.” No humidity. It was amazing, and what everyone has told me will happen mid-October.

I went to my sisters “spa” with a friend and did my laundry. We sat by the pool, and in the pool, all afternoon. It’s like being in your own private lagoon. We talked, listened to some music, got a little buzz on, swam, and I got a tan again. I’m happy about that, looking a bit more like a Florida girl,

I got my laundry done. I fell asleep by the pool for awhile, as did my friend. One of my best friends from CT called me while I was there. It was so good to talk to her. I sure miss my peeps back home. Even though, I’ve met a ton of people, I’ve only gotten to know one of them, Beth. I know it will come in time.

Tomorrow night, the guy who went to the artwalk with us last night in St. Petersburg is reading his poetry (he’s the one who is published and has a phd in writing) at a local restaurant or bar open mic. Beth said she wants to sing the two poems of mine she did last night. She said she’s been practicing them, and recording them since last night. I don’t even know how to react, I’m so honored that she thinks it’s good enough to do this. So, I’m just going to sit back and relax and enjoy it. I suppose everyone who writes a blog, hopes to have their work exposed, and I just got lucky here.  It will probably be heard by a couple dozen people.  Not a ton.  Shouldn’t be enough to intimidate me!   I hope people like it. The two she is doing are “Digging in the Dark” and “Not Yet.” I gave her “It Will Have to Wait” too, but that one is long, I don’t think she has done music for it.

Still haven’t met the one I’m looking for. And probably not tomorrow, the reading is at a gay bar, lol. That should be an experience.

I did some car shopping yesterday. I’m going to see one more car tomorrow, and then probably make an offer on one of them. I have to get a car. I need to get my life back to normal. As normal as it can be, so far from most of the people I love.

I’ll get there. I still love it here.

Love and light, everyone.

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