My Poetry Was Turned Into a Song Tonight

What a great evening I had tonight. Just really wonderful.

My friends and I went to the artwalk in St. Petersburg. They do it once a month on Saturday night. All the galleries and little shops are open, some have wine and food. They are all wonderful places, cool people. Just such unique stuff. Some of the places have people playing music.

We walked into one place and my friend Beth, who has been a singer all her life, recognized a guy playing drums, and hugged him big-time. She used to polay in a band with him. Then she pulled out of her pocketbook 3 of my poems that I’d printed out for her. She’d asked me to, she reads poetry like it’s a song and puts it to music. Next thing I knew, the drummer was playing his drum and accompanying her as she sang my song for all the people in this store. She told them all I wrote it, they all were clapping for her and telling me how great the poetry was….


The drummer was this very spiritual guy, who said he has a very spiritual connection to the music he plays, and how he loves collaborating. Since he and Beth had played together, they just blended in perfectly.

But here she took my words, personal and emotional for me, and turned them into a greater thing, that anyone could relate to. The synergy was awesome. I was on cloud 9 all night. She wants to do them again at an open mic somewhere on Monday night. Holy shit.

I’ve not experienced what it’s like when someone really appreciates what I write. I mean, she really likes it. It was just overwhelming to me. I write, because I have to write. It is all personal to me. But she made me see the universality of it. I still could never read it myself. It’s just too much a part of me. I’ve never considered that it’s good or bad, though I’m always happy when I get likes and comments. It was just so cool to hear my poems sung. Wow.

She writes as well, so does my friend Pat. Another friend came with us, Rob. I didn’t know him well, but he’s close with Pat and Beth. He included me in their circle saying he was out with his girls. He’s very gay. He’s also very smart, a published writer, with a phd in writing and teaches classes in writing at a local college. Very interesting guy.

We saw some really great artwork tonight. And many handmade things, of wonderful quality. We went into a jewelry store, that uses stones like I like to make jewelry from. One of their crafts people was working, and I started talking to him about the stones he was using. We talked for quite awhile. He took me around the store, and showed me some of his other work, which was just so unusual and unique. He told me he used to be a lawyer in NYC, and retired down here and now makes jewelry full time. He said he’s just started writing. Beth told him about our Thursday open mic night in Gulfport, and he knows Gulfport well. He’s going to be teaching an 8 week class at a local art school in some facet of jewelry making.

We met the wife of the owner of the store, and talked to her a little while. Such a very nice young woman, with a lot of knowledge about the stones and their properties. It felt so familiar to me, to be around people who are into this kind of thing.

We went in another store that was full of Tibetan singing bowls. I was able to play one of them (I have one at home). Then I saw a gong on the shelf, small one, about 15” in diameter. I picked it up and told my friends to listen as I wailed on it. It was so good to hear a gong again. I had been looking at the bowls and showed my friend how some bowls are hand pounded and some are poured in a mold. Also, I showed her how to play it, and listened to the lovely circular sound it makes. The man who I assume owned the store, said, β€œThanks for coming in, you know a lot about these things.” I told him I love vibrational instruments, they have been very healing for me.

So…all I can say is, I feel so at home here. There are so many like-minded people here, and they’re all gracious and kind, and so willing to share their knowledge.

I’m so glad I moved down here. Life is good. Really good.

Love and light.

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