Getting Back on Track

Picked up my new car today. It’s tiny but that’s ok. It gets really good mileage, and for the amount I use a car here, it will be great. I love the color, I dislike blending in with every other car on the road, lol. Aggressive, that’s me, lol.

Now that I have a car again, and things can return to normal, I am picking up where I left off a couple weeks ago, except with a bit more drive. May go out and buy a washer dryer this weekend. But I have to schedule the handyman to come and put a vent in for it before I can take delivery. Then all I’ll have left it a shed. Plus some furniture. The poor guy from Home Depot who sold me the windows asked me if I had a table he could sit at and I could only offer him a TV table, lol.

Tonight is open mic night. I guess I’m going, Beth wants to sing another of my poems. So, it would be tacky of me not to go, lol. My friend Pat who usually goes and sings, is not going tonight because she has a big show of her paintings coming up in a few weeks at a gallery in St. Pete, so said she needs to hide out and just paint, lol. We will miss her.

I got to the pier for sunrise, and it didn’t disappoint. I didn’t write from there, was not in the mood. But here’s the picture anyway.


Love and light.

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