Plugging Away

Today. I expected to wake without last night’s funk but I still had it when I woke up this morning. I did not sleep well, and awoke early. My neck hurt, and my back I was glad I had a doctors appointment today. You’d think I’d have been in a good mood, having finished the hunt for a car, but I think I’m just letting down from all of it, everything that’s happened since I retired. I just hit a brick wall. Had to stop.

The handyman showed up early and had my fence upright and fairly solid in a few hours. He had to put a few posts in. I don’t want him to do too much until I know for sure it’s my fence, not the neighbors who own the empty lot next door. What he did will cost me, but not to awfully much. At least now I can clean off the cement pad that it was leaning over, which is where my shed will go.

I called the town to schedule a special pick up for the moving boxes I couldn’t fit in my car and take to the recycling drop off which is a block away. They came immediately, and it’s so good to have all those boxes out of my house. I may have a few more, but I can put those in my car when I get them unpacked. They are all stuff that I don’t need right away, I just need to have a place for it.

I went to the doctors, and had a nice back and neck massage. My neck felt better. Which put me in a somewhat better mood, though I was still kind of down.

When I came back I had a half hour til I had Home Depot coming here to price up new windows on the front of my house. They came and gave me a really good price, and I just decided to go with them and get it scheduled. I am sick of mulling over choices. It’s not only a good price but I can put it on my Home Depot card at 0% interest for 24 months. Much as I hate making payments on anything I know in 6 months I will have a lot more cash flow than I have now, so decided to hold onto my cash.

I talked on the phone to a couple of good friends for quite awhile today too, and that gave me a lift. One of them retired just after me, so we had a lot to catch up on because we don’t talk that often. I had a glass of wine and a few pretzels and we just talked about our parallel lives. It was good for me.

I got a lot done today to get my life back to normal, whatever that may be in my retirement.  I suppose that if I keep plugging away at it, I’ll get there.

Working my way back. Love and light.

3 responses to “Plugging Away

  1. Good to know you’re plugging through 🙂 sometimes it is overwhelming in so many ways, but having a few things worked out makes such a difference in the way we feel! And having good people, even if far away and only on the phone/skype/etc., is so important and uplifting ^_^

    I am starting a move soon too and am starting to empathize even more with you and your adventure with moving!

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