A Little Progress Every Day

I’m enjoying my wine tonight. Am I drinking too much? I don’t think so. There are still a lot of nights I don’t have anything to drink. Drinking a cabernet tonight. Usually, if I want red it’s a Cabernet. If its’ white, it’s chardonnay, sometimes pinot grigio. So cabernet tonight.

Today was a good day. I went to the doctor and got a therapy treatment. As I left the house my younger sister called, and I haven’t talked to her for so long. I talked to her til I got to the dr, and then called her back after and talked to her all the way home. Just under an hour. She kind of wants to come down here in February. I told her, she picks the day and my older sis and I will work around it, lol. She has first pick. She’s like me, looking so forward to just being able to hang out with each other. We are all best friends, really best friends. I can’t wait for my older sister to get here in a couple weeks. Maybe not even quite that long. I’m going to go over and fill her fridge and clean all the dead bugs out of her house before she gets here.

When I got home from the dr, I managed to get up on the wall 9 family pictures. It is so nice to look at that wall and see family. These were mostly my parents, some old pics of them, their wedding pic, and my son. One of me when I got engaged. They are on the wall on the short entry into the kitchen. One of them is a portrait of my mother from about the time she met my dad, which she gave to her father, and signed it, β€œTo a sweet dad. Love June.” It’s so cool. The frame though was really old, original. And had nothing to hang it by on the back. So I got the box that holds all my jewelry stuff, and found some wire, and some wire cutters and fashioned a way to hold the wire to the frame, and got it hung. It’s a beautiful picture of her. I have a few more, of the whole family, including sisters, nieces, nephews, etc. to put on the wall directly opposite. Both walls are short. Works out perfect. Lots of measuring involved. Lol. But I did it.

I’m trying to get something accomplished every day on this house. Tomorrow, Idk. I may go buy a rake, so I can rake the back yard. I can’t wait to have a small table and chairs and be able to sit out there in the evening, and morning. I will have to deal with the bugs, but I imagine I can figure that out. I may get the rake and continue on to shop at some of the thrift shops for some of the things I need like a kitchen table, tv stand, etc. My handyman said he’d be back Sunday to finish my fence. Then I’m going to have him do the vent for my washer/dryer so I can buy that.

Onward, onward. No plans for the weekend, but that is subject to change at any minute. There is something going on all the time around here. Someone wanted us to go to a music festival in Sarasota tomorrow, which sounded like fun. But I think we decided not to. It’s a long drive, and we all have stuff to do. Sunday we’ll go for brunch at the same place we went last night, local. A local guy is going to be singing and playing his guitar.

Life is good. Do I want another glass of wine? Maybe…..

Love and light…..


3 responses to “A Little Progress Every Day

  1. Good post, nice to see you doing well!! What was funny was that when I was reading the post, my kitty Tangle was sitting on my lap, and when I tried to close down the blog post to check something else for a while, Tangle pressed her paw i protest against the screen, as if to say: Hey, I was not done reading that! Lol. So you got a new furry little fan of your blog. 😁
    Take care friend. πŸ’œ

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