How Retirement Has Changed Me, So Far

I’ve said I don’t really know what retirement is like, because my life has been anything but a normal routine since I retired. Moving my son, packing my house, moving myself, trying to get the house in the shape I want it to be, and then of course totaling my car. None of that encourages a normal life, lol.

But there are some changes I can see.

1. I’m eating much more healthy, without all the snacks in the house that my son wanted around.
2. In conjunction with that, I find myself going to the store more often for food, and buying less, just what I think I’ll need for the next few days. I used to go once a week, and fill the pantry and refrigerator. Because I worked, and I didn’t want to have to stop on the way home during the week.
3. I drive way, way more slowly and cautiously. I don’t know quite what that’s a function of. It is a combination, I think, of not being in a hurry, not knowing the roads so having to depend on GPS, just the laid back kind of life that seems prevalent here in my small little community. Back in CT, speed limits were kind of a suggestion, lol. I drove 80 mph to work every day in the fast lane and had people on my bumper that totally pissed me off. Here…I stay in the right or middle lanes usually, going the speed limit or just under. If I decide to get in the left hand lane, I have to make a concerted effort to keep up with the traffic. It’s weird. I’ve been speeding my whole life, and suddenly, feel no need.
4. This one is still in the process of manifesting, but I’ve always looked at the handmade jewelry in gift shops as being of better than mine, perhaps made by someone more serious about it than me. Now, here in this place full of creative driven people, I’ve received so many compliments on the things I wear, I’m beginning to think maybe my work is better than I thought. At least, that it could be sold alongside what I see in stores. I’ve also met many people who make their own jewelry, and for many, it’s just been a hobby as it is for me. So many, many stores and galleries will sell on consignment here. Not to mention the plethora of artwalks and craft fairs that have space available to rent for very reasonable prices. I have a space in my house designated for the creation of jewelry, though there’s nothing in it yet. I can’t wait to actually finish it off and spend parts of my day making new things.
5. I am going out more, to inexpensive venues, and don’t feel the need to even order a drink. I can have a glass of iced tea, and be quite happy listening to people sing in the balmy night air, just chatting with friends. It helps that the place I went last night and go to a couple times a week, has some really cool teas, like lavender lemon tea, or last nights, cherry cranberry hibiscus tea. So good. Though last night, I had two glasses of wine, lol. Celebrating getting my life back on track, having picked up my new car yesterday.
6. I am able to sleep later, when I stay out later. This is a huge one for me. I have always awakened early. Like between 5 and 6, usually right about 5:30. Even if I was out til midnight or later, I rarely slept past 6. Under normal circumstances, I still wake up around 5:30. However, after a night like last night where I didn’t get home til later and then wrote a blog, I have been able to wake up at 5:30 and go back to sleep until 7. I missed the sunrise, but I am rested. It’s a lovely thing to be able to sleep a little more.
7. I don’t drink as much coffee. Perhaps because I’m more rested. I have a cup in the morning, and sometimes make a 2nd, but often don’t finish it. Rather than 3 big cups a day. Just don’t need it. Still like it, but don’t need as much of it.

I will say my commitment to writing has not changed. Writing is something I am driven to do, so just keep doing it.

So, even though I couldn’t tell you what retirement is really like yet, I can see the differences in my life already. And I like them. I’m so glad I listened to the wisdom imparted to me when I was struggling with selling my old house so cheap. “You can always get more money. You can’t get more time.” So glad I did not wait to do this. So so glad.

Love and light, all.

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