An Open Heart

I’ve been driving around in my new tiny car today, it’s kind of fun. I’m not driving quite so slow. I went to my friends house, to sit with her while her heart broke. Which I knew was going to happen, but I love her, I would never tell her I told you so. She’s suffering, but it’s for the best. It is a sad story. I wrote about her before here…some online affair with some guy who tells her he’s in the service, a branch of NATO forces. I know it’s a scam. She believed every word. He has broken her heart, as I knew he would, and it’s almost blackmail, it’s unconscionable what he’s doing, yet she still believes him, and I can’t seem to find it in me to disabuse her of the notion that he’s real. Because she has nothing to lose to him, although she’s already lost money, I found out today. That happened before I got here and was up to speed with what was going on. She’s so broke, and she gave him all she had. Which gratefully wasn’t all that much, but it was a lot for her. I am praying that he will disappear since she has no more to offer, and she can keep her fantasy that this man loved her. And not lose any more to him.

I felt a little sexy today, so was showing a little cleavage, lol. A cami with a shirt over it. Nothing inappropriate. My friend’s neighbor across the street happened to be walking by her patio while she was out there, and she invited him in. He’s a nice enough guy. From NYC, still talks like it, lol. So the three of us talked for about an hour. Then she and I went to Walmart, to pick up some art supplies there, for her.

I dropped her off after Walmart and there was her neighbor, out by her car. He stopped and asked us to breakfast tomorrow. My friend said, “I can’t, I’m leaving for St. Pete early, to go to my daughters” So he looked at me….Which I think was his whole point. I said, “I already have plans for tomorrow morning. But thanks anyway, that’s nice of you.” He was pressing it, wanted to know if we couldn’t ALL go out for breakfast with me tomorrow. My friend reiterated she could not. I said, “Thanks so much, but I can’t. I already have plans.”

And I do. I’m going to brunch at our favorite spot, Mangia’s. With another girlfriend. He was totally completely not my type. In fact, I was bored to death with his endless banter how he tells of how he tells off telemarketers. Yawn. But it was an offer of a date. First time. Hopefully the gates have opened. I know my heart is open to it.

Open heart. Open mind. Love still, and always.

Love and light.


3 responses to “An Open Heart

    • Thanks Ogden. I feel for her, she has had a hard life, always tying herself to a manic dream someone plants in her head. I’m glad I’m here now, and can sit with her through it.

      As for me, I’m actually really good, and just having fun meeting people, and making a new life. Not so hell-bent on a new love relationship, though it would be nice if it happens. At the moment though, I just want to create that larger circle of friends, and enjoy what I have here. Big hugs to you. xox

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