Monday Morning Musings

Last night a friend of mine went with me to the fishing pier and watched the sunset and then the super moon rise. Thus, the picture from my last post. I took some pictures over the water, but they didn’t do it justice. The water here is a bay, so there were lights etc, competing with the moon, and in the picture it wasn’t clear how amazing that moon was. The picture I posted was from a rooftop bar in town. I have a few more pictures I may try to put up. I meant to put my crystals all outside on a tray to recharge, and I forgot when I got home. Kind of bummed about that. Oh well, there will be another full moon next month.

I made the mistake of drinking too much coffee yesterday at the brunch. I was just in the mood, I guess. But I paid for it last night. I was exhausted from being up in the night the night before, but when I went to bed, still could not get to sleep until quite late. However, I slept a good solid 6 hours once I fell asleep and feel ok this morning. Sleep is such a relief.

It’s still quite warm here during the day, in the mid to high 80’s. Cooler at night though. It gets down to around 70, maybe in the 60’s. It’s much drier than the first few weeks I was here. This is when the season begins, I guess, with the winter people coming down, like my sister will. She should be here next week sometime. I am really excited to have her so close. I know it’s also bittersweet for her, because her daughter lives in the town where she lives all summer in VA. Her daughter is married now though, for a year. I’m glad about that, it will be easier for her when my sister’s gone.

My sister and I both have one child, and I totally get how she feels. I miss my son so much, even though we talk every day. He had the weekend off, his first since starting his job. He went to a music festival in Denver, and got to meet and chill with one of his favorite DJ’s. So he had a great weekend. I’m really happy for him. And happy that he’s becoming more comfortable there.

I missed the sunrise again. Too many nights of broken sleep. Hopefully I’ll get back on my own schedule again in the next few days, and be able to resume going to the pier in the morning. It’s such a nice way to start the day.

More moon pictures. 😊

Love and light all.


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