Coffee Hangover

I have a coffee hangover today. Yesterday I drank a cup of coffee when I got up. Then at brunch I drank 3 more. Why? I have no friggin idea what made me do that. I know better. I was tired, having been up in the middle of the night the night before, for a couple hours. The coffee there is good.

I’m so surprised at the dearth of coffee shops around here. I know of maybe 2 Dunkin Donuts, the same for Starbucks. It blows my mind. Back in CT, Dunkin is everywhere, and Starbucks almost as much.

So back to the coffee. I was just talking with people, engrossed in conversation, and not really paying attention. The waitress offered and I accepted, lol.

Then I couldn’t get to sleep last night, even though I was so exhausted. I lay there for almost 2 hours, trying to sleep, but barely able to close my eyes. I read for awhile. I took some Ambien, again. Finally I got about 6 hours sleep.

But this morning, my stomach was upset, nervous, jittery. I was dragging too, from lack of sleep, now for 3 nights in a row. I got up at 6, intending to go to the sunrise on the pier. I went back to bed at 8, and just rested for an hour. I had to get up and get in the shower for a doctors appointment, but finally about 9:15, I felt better.

It will be a long time before I try to drink that much coffee again!

All is well now. But I’ll be in bed early tonight for sure.

I got my voter registration card today. YAY! Tomorrow I intend to go get my Florida drivers license. Then I have to apply for my “Homestead” thing which will cut my property taxes in about half.

It’s still very warm here. Was 90 today. Tomorrow the same. Then cooling to about 80 by the end of the week. So many people can’t wait for it to cool off. Not me. I’m so happy I can still dress for summer!

Love and light, everyone.


6 responses to “Coffee Hangover

  1. I’ve noticed caffeine seems to have a delayed reaction on me as I’ve gotten older. Since it has caused me bladder problems in the past, I try not to drink it more than once or twice a week, so it works really well when I do, like for a headache. I sure do enjoy it, except when I overshoot and get the jitters.

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