Bananas, Bonamassa and Beth Hart

I’m feeling pretty good this morning. Yesterday, despite how tired I was, was a good day. I got back/neck therapy which is always nice. I took a nap in the afternoon. I talked on the phone to a good old friend I hadn’t talked to in a long while.

I was too tired to cook. I thought about driving a half mile or so to get Chinese take-out but was too tired even to do that. So, I made myself a PBJ, lol. And dang, it was good!

Right after, I got a text from my friend Beth, who was at the community garden where she helps out occasionally. She said, “Do you want some bananas?” I said “Sure!” She was at my door a few minutes later with a HUGE bag of bananas, fresh off the banana tree there. She said they had to pick them, they’re very green, before the squirrels get them. So now I have about a dozen bananas, right off the tree!!. Looks like I will be baking banana bread!

Before she left, we made plans for her to go with me today to get my FL driver’s license and apply for my Homestead thing, (not sure what it’s called but it takes $50,000 off your assessment for property taxes because you live here), and go to a couple thrift stores in search of a tv stand and kitchen table for myhouse, if there’s time. We’re supposed to a poetry reading at the library tonight by Peter Meinke, Florida’s poet laureate. Seems like a nice plan for the day.

I settled on the couch, intending to maybe write. I opened the computer and turned on The Voice. After the first couple of battle-round competitions I promptly fell asleep for at least an hour. I woke up just in time to hear this fabulous couple doing a Beth Hart – Joe Bonamassa tune I had not heard before. They are becoming an obsession with me, I have to say. I have so much of their music on my phone now. Anyway, it was called “I’ll Take Care of You.” The couple singing it were amazing, really really good. He played guitar to it, and they both sang. Anyway, I will end this blog with a link to the Hart – Bonamassa version, for those of you into blues. Enjoy.


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