Good Times Ahead

I’m feeling much better today than yesterday, even though I was up for a couple hours in the middle of the night. I have a lovely day planned, and am looking forward to it.

I’m going to my sisters house and do my laundry, and sit by her pool and read, and write while the laundry is done. I will have to go back next week because she and her husband are leaving to come down here, and I want to get basic groceries etc for them, and also make sure all the dead, giant palmetto bugs are out of their house, lol. I have to say I haven’t seen additional ones since I first was there, when I got down here. Thankfully. They are creepy even when they’re dead!

Then tonight is open mic night again. I am looking forward to that. I’ll be with my friend Beth, and it’s fun hanging around with all the local musicians that kind of end up at our table. Totally enjoy myself. Everyone has been so welcoming, I’m beginning to feel “part of the family” as someone put it last Sunday. Plus it’s an early night, it is over by about 9:30, at least the music is. Sometimes we sit and talk for longer. Sometimes, if no one is really tired, we go around the corner to a bar that has karaoke after the football games are over on tv. Have a $3 glass of wine, lol.

Saturday is the local jazz festival on the beach, with some well-known jazz musicians that are friends of Beth’s. She has planned an after party at a local restaurant, and is coming over this morning before I go to my sisters to tell me all about it. She went to the karaoke on the beach yesterday. She said there is so much she has to tell me! LOL! We should have a rousing good time Saturday.

So, I’m off, to get myself ready to go to my sisters, and to make coffee for Beth. It’s a beautiful day, with highs only about 85°, instead of 90°, and very low humidity. Perfect day to sit by the pool. And I’ll be rested up for tonight.

Enjoy your day everyone. Love and light.


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