Day and Night

It was a wonderful day, and a wonderful night.

I had coffee with Beth before I left for my sisters, so she could get me up to speed on the Jazz Festival and Jazz Jam after, that she has been putting together, successfully. I left for my sisters house, but forgot to take anything to eat for the day, because my sister’s fridge is empty since she is not there, lol. So I stopped at a grocery store and had to go in and get a salad. I was a little self-conscious, as I had on shorts and my bathing suit top. But it’s Florida, and close to the beach. No one thought anything of it.

At my sisters while the laundry was going, I read, I just lazed around catching some sun, I swam, and I watered all her plants. It hasn’t rained here since the hurricane so they all needed watering, I would guess. Her gardens are amazingly beautiful. Bougainvillea cascades from tree trunks, and hibiscus and a ton of other flowers and plants that I have no idea what they are. I didn’t leave her house til after 4 pm, and realized that people are starting to arrive for the winter. There was a lot more traffic going home than I’m used to. Beach traffic. Note to self….leave earlier or later. Not at 4:30 for the hour long ride home, because it was an hour and 20 minutes.

Which put me rather late to go to open mic. I had to put clean sheets on the bed, and eat, and shower. I’d planned to meet Beth there at 6:30 but didn’t get there til almost 7. She needed me to take her (she doesn’t have a car) to hear a fellow jazz musician who was singing somewhere….because she wants to recruit her to sing at the jazz jam after the festival is over. So we did that, then went back for the rest of open mic night. Caught up with a couple of the regulars that we normally sit with. Had a glass of lemon lavender tea, no wine tonight. Haven’t had any all week, just haven’t felt like it.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dr for a back/neck massage. I have to get to the lab to have bloodwork done for my new diabetes dr. He is very nice. I’m used to a huge multi-dr practice, he is a single dr office. But the good news was that my blood pressure was 101/62, and I’d lost 2 lbs since the accident. It seems that life is agreeing with me down here, not having to work. I’m so glad I listened when someone said, “You can always make more money, you can’t make more time.”

My friend Pat wants to have a booth at the Artwalk which will go on the same time as the jazz festival Saturday, kind of in conjunction with it. She wants me to join her and put some of my jewelry out. I may…..I could use the money. I’ll have to decide tomorrow when she gets into town. She’s been staying with her grandkids for a week.

There is always something to do here. I really have to start picking and choosing, because I need to do things like mow the lawn, lol. And I am starting to know a number of people, so I don’t feel so strange anymore. Even the waitresses at open mic know me now, lol.

Time to go to bed. Crazy busy, but it’s all fun busy. Whodda thunk my life could be like this?

Love and light, everyone.


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