To This Moment

The crows are back this morning, at the pier.  They line it on both sides, as one reader  commented when I had a picture up, like a goth wedding.  It is kind of comical, and fits this quirky happy place. 

The bay waters are dead calm this morning. Only the wakes of boats headed out for early morning fishing move the surface. The tide is almost full high, creeping up the cabin windows of the couple of boats which lay cock-eyed on the shore, having been deposited there by an earlier hurricane. 

The sky is absolutely clear this morning, though there is a high haze, so the pinks and golds are tinting the sky as the sun comes up.

I slept so well last night, first time in maybe a week. I’m so happy to be here again for the sunrise. Soon we’ll go off daylight savings time, and the sun will rise an hour earlier. That may make it harder to get here but I’ll try. At least occasionally.  

The sky turns from pink to gold on the horizon as the sun gets closer to creeping up over the top. I am filled with gratitude this morning. For all the people, and experiences, and lessons, and grace that have brought me to this moment. 

Love and light to you. 

7 responses to “To This Moment

  1. Ah…a murder of crows! What a way to start a day! Mine started with leaves blowing all over the yard, a wind that would cut through you like a knife and cooler temperatures. Yesterday was in the high 80s. Go figure….LOL

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