Modern Medicine, Grrrr

I must be feeling better, because my sense of humor is returning, slightly.  In a sarcastic kind of way.

I went to urgent care. Because I had an urgent need to stop the pain in my abdomen. So first came in the girl who checks your vitals. Mine are good. I had to tell her why I was there. Ok, that’s fine. She leaves and says give me a minute to get this into the computer. Then comes the APRN. And again I have to tell her the whole story. I mean, seriously? Didn’t I just tell the first girl the whole story? And didn’t she say it was going into the computer? I thought so.

But, apparently not. So, she decides I need an x-ray, to make sure nothing is crimped or out of place. So, ok, they can do that there. I have it done, it takes about a half hour from start to finish. The x-ray tech, kept saying to me “hop on up” on the table. I mean seriously. I was in obvious pain. I said finally, “I’ll get up there, but probably won’t be hopping.” Does he not even look to see what the issue is with me? He knew he was supposed to xray my abdomen.


Then I go back to my room. Exam Room 1. The doctor comes in.Again, for the 3rd time, he asks me why I’m there, as if I hadn’t told anyone, and no one had entered it into the computer.  He tells me that he can’t really tell anything from an xray. I mean, why the fuck do it then? My stomach is sore…I’m not sick. I really wanted to make sure I didn’t herniate my stomach somehow. I’m sure he could tell that from an xray. He says, we’d really like you to have a CT scan. We want to rule out an issue with your appendix.

Geezus. It’s not my appendix. For God’s sake, I am not sick in anyway. My temp was 98.9, my Bp was 110/65. Yes, I normally have low blood pressure. So I tell him I’m not going today, maybe tomorrow, but I don’t want to make my friends who were kind enough to bring me to urgent care to have to hang around a hospital for hours, when I know it’s not necessary.

So he orders up blood work. He orders a urine sample. I have been drinking water all day, it’s not an issue to give them one. But they do that before the blood work. The phlebotomist, who apparently doubles as the x-ray tech, can’t find the vein in my arm. He pokes twice with no luck. He says, “I’m gonna let you drink some water and I’ll be back in a few minutes. 20 minutes later, he shows up. He finally gets two vials of blood out of me. I am not squeamish about this. As a diabetic, I have blood drawn 3-4 times a year, but usually the phlebotomists can find my vein the first time.

Oh yeah. There was sugar in my urine. I did tell them that I didn’t take any of my meds today. They decided they needed to do a glucose test, and my sugar was 98, well within the normal range. Because I’m not eating, which I also told them.

So now I am ready to go. Except that I have to sign a waiver, since I am not going directly to having a CT scan, and they don’t want to be responsible if my appendix explodes.

Geezus. Ok, I sign it.

It seems to me, they simply wanted to run the bill up as high as they could but gave me no urgent relief. I mean, wtf is urgent care? I wanted relief, not a million tests. I miss the old days, when a dr wasn’t afraid to hazard a guess.

And so something to alleviate pain…which I estimated at a 7 out of 10. Idk what I wanted, but it wasn’t to sit there and be run through a bunch of tests and walk out of there no better off than I went in.

I came home and had some fresh pineapple. Maybe that will move things for me. At least more than that office visit did.

The good thing is now that I’m back home, I don’t feel any worse. Actually, I feel better. So, I’m glad I went, and had an xray, I guess, so I know I didn’t do anything drastic to my stomach. Maybe I’ll make it to my sisters after all, and get her house all spic and span, and some basics in her fridge and her cabinets.

Love and light.

5 responses to “Modern Medicine, Grrrr

  1. My imagination conjures up a scenario where somebody missed something important on a previous patient, and now corporate tells them to test the hell out of everybody, or something like that.

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